At Kent Ridge Laboratories (KRL), we have a clear mission to develop innovative biological materials and regenerative strategies to meet unmet clinical and surgical needs. 

Our key goal is to harness the potential of decellularized extracellular matrices (ECM) and cell-signaling proteins derived for human dermal fibroblasts cultured under favorable conditions. The end product is an accessible and viable acellular regenerative skin graft that is available off-the-shelf to serve the growing needs of advanced wounds, burns, and ulcers patients.

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TED-matrix™ and PuraKrin® serve as platform technologies for a myriad of clinical and surgical applications.


Our platform technologies provide a range of clean active ingredients for therapeutic applications. 

Laudrés®, an exclusive skincare range formulated from our proprietary technology for skin regeneration.

Backed by a team of scientists with years of experience in stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, we have developed a series of innovative biological materials and combination medical devices for various clinical needs.

We Believe in Collaborations

Collaboration – Ideation – Implementation – Value Creation

The four elements to Innovation starts with Collaboration. We believe in engaging professionals,  institutes and industries of different expertise to spark off wholistic innovations.

Access to Labs and Equipment

We are partnering with various labs, institutes and hospitals with cutting edge equipment and technologies.

Extensive Pool of Expertise

Our team of scientists are engaging experts of various biomedical engineering and healthcare fields.

Strong Validation through Partnerships

True innovations require validations in real life situations. We validate through various clinical partners.

Appreciation of Real Clinical Needs

We get first hand feedbacks from Clinicians on their clinical needs and ideas to improve healthcare.

We welcome like-minded partners who are passionate about making a difference and further innovations in Regenerative and Reconstructive Medicine.


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