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Regenerative Medicine & Biomaterials

KRL takes a unique approach to address the clinical demands in regenerative medicine by riding on the recent technological advancement in this area. Researchers have  shown the benefits of human extracellular matrix (hECM) biomaterial over other natural and synthetic biomaterials, as demonstrated by the lower risk of adverse events and infections. We have based on the advanced technological know-hows and developed proprietary processes to produce decellularized hECM biomaterials.
The resulting TED-matrix™ acellular hECM scaffold will provide both structural framework and biochemical signalling platform for host tissue reconstruction following injury in various clinical settings, including both soft and hard tissues augmentation, repair and regeneration.
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Fibroblasts are known to release growth factors, and precursors of all the components of the extracellular matrix, including soluble collagens, elastin and glycosaminoglycans. Scientists have recently discovered that lab-cultured fibroblasts also secrete small vesicles known as exosomes into conditioned media and these exosomes contain some target microRNAs that play important roles in the wound healing process.
With our proprietary platform technologies based on PuraKrin+, we are developing novel therapeutic products to serve the market, with applications targeting wound healing, scar reduction, hair rejuvenation, dermatological and aesthetic procedures in the pipeline.

Laudrés® Cosmeceutics

With development in products for our skin regeneration medical range, KRL has formulated and developed PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+, two potent skin care active ingredients aimed at stimulating healthy skin rejuvenation. 
PuraKrin+ is further enriched with a physiological blend of active growth factors and other cell signaling molecules from healthy skin cells.
Both PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ works to provide balanced paracrine signaling cues to skin stem cells and adult cells for its reconditioning, rejuvenation and renewal. The end result is a more youthful and healthy skin, that your body is capable of creating.
Awaken your skin’s natural potential with PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+, available in
Laudrés® line of products.

Many have benefitted from our approach to regenerative beauty, arising from the blend of nature and science in our products. See what our clients have to say about us in Testimonial.

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Our Expertise

With our pool of partners, we are also actively involved in R&D, providing a series of laboratory and testing services.

01. Synthetic Biological Materials

Combining Science and Engineering, Synthetic Biology aims to design (and redesign) biological materials, parts/devices and systems. At KRL, we are working with academic and industrial partners on Engineered Proteins and Cell-free systems for various healthcare applications.

02. In Vitro Testing & Diagnostics

We work with various stakeholders to develop and optimize new tools to support disease diagnosis and treatment; whereby faster, smaller, and more cost-effective tools are being developed to enable more precise diagnosis, point-of-care testing and even self-testing.

03. Microbial Testing

With our network of laboratories, KRL has the resources and expertise to offer various biological and microbial testing solutions, ranging from testing, monitoring and technical advisory for public sectors, manufacturing and F&B industries.

04. Ingredients R&D

Conditioned media, along with other cosmeceutic ingredients, have emerged as disruptive innovations of recent times for cosmetics and skin care. At KRL, we have the expertise to develop superior cosmetic and cosmeceutic ingredients and products compared to conventional products, creating a new generation of cosmetic products based on Science and Technology.

05. Skin Models & Ex Vivo Testing

With advancement in organ cultures, ex vivo skin explant models are becoming increasingly viable as option to mimic human illness for scientific understanding and investigating therapeutic approaches. More importantly, animal testing (an approach that KRL disagrees with and rejects) is made redundant.

06. Contract Research

With specialty in wound healing and skin regenerative medicine, KRL is working with our partners to offer specialized services and state-of-the-art equipment access for medical device and life sciences manufacturing. Our capable team of scientists is ready to take on contract research for companies, research institutes and researchers. 


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