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Awaken your Regenerative Potential

Heroes to be Awakened

Fascinated by the rapid regenerative ability of Claire Bennet in the 2006 TV series “Heroes” , Dr Thomas Gregory has spent over two decades of his research career studying cell regeneration and extracellular matrix (ECM) for connective tissue engineering, all revolving around his “3A” ideology: 

“A viable regenerative solution needs to involve cell Awakening, in order for the solution to be Accelerated and Accessible to the patients.”

There is a hero in everyone, with regenerative abilities in every cell. It’s just a matter of waking them up.

A Differentiating Platform Technology

There are certain conditions discovered to have an “awakening” effect on cell growth and well-being. Under these optimal conditions, Fibroblasts, the connective tissue workhorses responsible for collagen and extracellular matrix productions, are set to synthesize elevated amounts of both soluble and insoluble proteins and growth factors.

Our Key Biomaterial Offerings

Based on our proprietary process, we harness key biological materials to create the Tissue Engineered Decellularized Matrix (TED-matrix™), the main constituent of the insoluble ECM structure. TED-matrix™ will serve as both a structural framework and biochemical signalling platform for host tissue reconstruction in various clinical settings.

To stimulate and support healthy Fibroblasts and Mesenchymal Stem Cells growth and accelerate matrix production, PuraKrin® has been formulated and shown to elevate cellular metabolic production of Collagens, Elastin and associated Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). To harness the soluble biological materials that exist in the cell conditioned media, further processing is performed to create PuraKrin+.

PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ are the active components of our therapeutic and skincare product range, aimed at providing paracrinal stimulation for accelerated healing and healthy skin.

We take pride in our Core Technology

With a bottom-up approach, KRL’s TED-matrix™, PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ are clean, sustainable and accessible, uniquely differentiating from current solutions that use materials sourced from animals or human cadavers, common in the current medical and cosmetic landscapes.

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