TED-matrix™, PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ are key proprietary ingredients developed from skin regeneration technology. With high concentrations of bioactives in our cosmeceutical products, many have benefitted from regaining youthfulness and improving skin conditions.

Laudrés® Dual Serum Series


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Hanah Bae

“… I started to reintroduce serums with this set from @laudreskin and when I tell you these serums helped give me a new face! It’s like one year has been shaved off my face.”


“Top brightening serums for hyperpigmentation & an uneven skin-tone”


“I love the texture of this serum. The gel and creamy parts of the serum blends effortlessly. It serves as a boosting serum in my routine to make sure I get all the protection I need.”


“… So far I have been using it for 3 weeks. My skin texture is finer and smoother❤️. … Overall I enjoy using this serum and I can’t wait to finish it and see the final result🥰!”

"I bought my lift serum to try in Jan this year, and I must say this serum is great! After about 2 weeks of use, I could see an obvious improvement in my skin texture and those lines near my eyes were also less obvious! This has never happened with my other products over the years of trying. Now after 2 months of use, my skin feels so much smoother and more radiant! My friends even asked me what I did with my face, which I gladly shared. Good things must share right? Just used up my stock and getting my next two bottles now."
Rachel Hong
"I have been using the lift dual serum on my face after cleansing every night. It’s super easy to blend when you dispense both items from the bottle. Upon application, its super light weight and does not feel sticky on the face. It also acts as a moisturiser which it’s great for me when i do not want to plaster too many products onto my face. My skin feels more hydrated and more radiant in the morning!"
"As this was my first time trying a retinol product, I was initially worried that my skin won’t be able to tolerate the effect of retinol. However, after application, my skin reacted positively to the ACE serum. I love how plumped and moisturized my skin felt after 3 days of application and there was a slight radiance to my complexion. I think this is a good product as a starter to trying retinol. Has a slight herbal/medicinal(?) scent but i’m good with that too since this product is fragrance-free."
"For someone who likes my skincare quick, easy, and effective, this has become a HG for my daily routine. The application is a bit of a sensory experience – pumping the two different serums then mixing them, gets me in some kind of way with the visual and touch combination and perks up my mornings and evenings! 😂 I have not experienced extreme changes towards my skin since I have been quite consistent with what I use, but I do think I am able to recover a little faster from my maskne -phew…."
"Came across the product and decided to give it a shot – And I’m so glad I did! Love the innovation behind the product and its blend of highly effective key actives. I’ve been using the product religiously for the past few weeks and I love how the formula glides on smoothly without any stickiness. Price might be a little steep but I’ve been waking up to a nice glowy complexion every morning and will definitely recommend 🙂"
"I chose this product after reading about its anti-inflammatory properties and I couldn’t be more thankful for the function that this product provides. Within a week, the redness on my skin has reduced noticeably and I can feel my skin becoming more hydrated as I continue to use this product! The packaging is very compact and light so it was very portable for someone like me who always run around. I highly recommend this product to whoever that has sensitive skin and prone to skin redness!"

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