How Does PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ Work For Skin Health?

How does PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ work for Skin Health?

PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ are developed in Singapore As inspired by the body’s innate regenerative mechanism.
PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ are our proprietary potent skincare active ingredients that contain a proprietary blend of nutrients for healthy skin. PuraKrin+ is further enriched by active biomolecules produced by healthy trained skin cells that our skin needs, increasingly so with age. These potent active ingredients give our worn out and unmotivated skin cells a revitalizing boost to transform our skin from within.
“PuraKrin® contains a cocktail of natural powerhouse actives for healthy skin matrix production”
Essentially, PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ work by providing balanced paracrine signaling cues to our skin’s stem cells and adult cells for its reconditioning, rejuvenation, and renewal. They stimulate vital proteins and genes within the skin to fundamentally impact the anti-aging cascade. More youthful and healthy skin is achieved. Visible signs of aging has been shown to significantly diminish. With the incorporation of these highly valuable active nutrients in your skincare routine daily, aged and dull skin will be stimulated and revitalized. To a certain extent, the skin could be engineered to become more youthful by producing elevated quantities and improved qualities of collagen and matrix components. True to its name, Laudrés® “Gene Tonic” will be a cosmeceutical serum series that nourishes and brings out your skin’s genetically present regenerative potential from dormancy to its heightened activity for youthfulness.