The Science Behind PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+

The Science behind
PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+

PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ are developed in Singapore.

As inspired by the body’s innate regenerative mechanism.

PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ are two of our potent skincare active ingredients that contain a proprietary blend of nutrients produced for healthy skin cells. As we age, our connective tissues quickly reduces the ability to produce essential biomolecules, thereby requiring nutrient supplementation. PuraKrin® is composed of a proprietary blend of nutrient supplementation that stimulates increased metabolism in our skin cells. In particular, Fibroblasts, which is the workhorse of our skin to produce extracellular matrix components for healthy skin, is stimulated to go on ‘over-drive’ for production of essential biomolecular factors. PuraKrin+ is the result of enrichment by healthy cultured Fibroblasts, producing the Fibroblast Conditioned Media. Both PuraKrin® and PuraKrin+ aims to smoothen the impact of time on our skin, supplementing our worn out and unmotivated skin cells a revitalizing boost to transform the skin from within. PuraKrin+ is enriched with skin-benefiting bioactive factors such as Collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Elastin, naturally present in our skin.

“Through our proprietary culture process, healthy skin cells are conditioned to produce physiologically relevant levels of these potent bioactives. Not only are the concentrations of these active ingredients suited for skin health, their unique combinations and relative quantities are also highly suited for skincare, given that they are produced by healthy skin cells, which are the natural powerhouse of healthy skin matrix production. “

Conventional culture systems are either performed in a 2-Dimensional setting, or on microbeads suspended in culture solutions. Both systems are certainly different from the native environment that our skin cells are exposed to.

In contrast, we have adopted a  proprietary 3-Dimensional culture system that mimics the environment our skin cells are familiar with and thus, can trigger cells to produce a significantly higher concentration of these potent bioactive factors.